Friday, 14 August 2015

Things you should know about Real Website Traffic

Many people think internet business is very easy. According to them they just need to create a website, submit to search engine, do some online marketing and traffic will start flowing to there website. Yes they are kind of right in there thinking, this is what one has to do basically but it is not as easy as it seems. Nearly 50% of beginners try driving traffic to there website by posting there website links to other random website, but thats not going to make you successful.

What you need is real traffic. Real traffic basically means targeted traffic. People that may really use the service or product you are offering on your website. For example: You have a travel blog and you start posting your links in the comment section of a website related to cooking. Maybe someone would click on your link and visit your website but there are very minute chances that he would subscribe to your travel blog or revisit your blog because his area of interest is cooking and not traveling. Having backlink is good this helps you in having a better pagerank on google, but don't hope of getting a targeted traffic from the backlink.

One of my friend owns a website which helps people to learn Html and other programming languages. Basic of Html and programming language is free on the website but advance level of knowledge can be attained buy buying his ebook or online course. He gets more than 500,000 page views a month but his income from the website is not as good as it can be. The reason is that he gets nearly 95% of the traffic from countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. Now visitors from these countries are looking for free online html tutorial, they are visiting his website learning the free part of his website and not buying his ebook or online tutorial.  Second reason is that he accepts payment through credit card and well most of the people in India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. don't have credit cards in comparison to western countries where online payment system is more mature.

If he would have opted for targeted traffic that is traffic from countries like USA, Canada or European countries where people are looking for Html and programming language online courses and are also ready to pay for it online, then his conversion rate from traffic to buyers would have been higher and would have made more money.

So when you start your website keep in mind the traffic is important but real traffic is what will help you in making money . 

Untargeted traffic comes and go but real targeted traffic is what stays with you.

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